Girls's costume, 20th century

Búningur stúlkna, 20. öldWhen Iceland celebrated the millennium of the Alþingi (parliament) in 1930, many women marked the occasion by making an upphlutur national costume and sewing similar costumes for their daughters, but in brighter colours. A thin white shirt had a high neckline with a brooch. The upphlutur (bodice) itself was generally red, or sometimes black or blue: it had three or four pairs of eyeholes, according to size, and bands of metal-thread embroidery. The short skirt was trimmed with velvet of the same colour as the bodice. Girls sometimes wore a tasselled cap, but more commonly their headdress was a cap tied under the chin. The costume was worn with a velvet belt, often with a silver clasp and ornaments. Little girls generally wore white socks and black shoes.

Búningur stúlkna, 20. öld   Búningur stúlkna, 20. öld   Búningur stúlkna, 20. öld   Búningur stúlkna, 20. öld